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Hi!  I'm Julia.  

Welcome to Nourished by Hand!  

As a private chef,  yoga teacher, and bodyworker, I help people live more fully and joyfully in their bodies through the time-honored customs of nourishing food, mindful movement, and perceptive touch.  It is my honor to support your wellness.  Together, let's explore what that looks like for you.  

I believe in living simply.  

Life is beautifully complex...and so are we...but I think approaching the way we live with mindfulness, flow, and creativity, can help mitigate the overwhelm.

So when I find ways to live more simply, more kindly, and in fuller health, I love to share that knowledge.  These offerings:  cooking, yoga, and bodywork, are my way of sharing that knowledge with you.

Sometimes we just need to stop and put the humane back into humanity.  If that means getting help with some healthful and tasty meals during the week, then consider what that would give you in trade...  More time?  One less thing to think about?  An opportunity to savor and enjoy delicious real food, conveniently, in your own home?

Or maybe it means getting your body moving again on a consistent basis.  Not as punishment, but as life-giving, self-healing, explorative fun.  Having a yoga practice you enjoy and that evolves with you is fulfilling on many levels.  Your practice becomes a constant friend and aide on the journey of your life. 

Or maybe it's giving yourself or a loved one the gift of massage or bodywork.  In our current culture it's easy to forget how important physical contact is for our mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  Our bodies hold our emotions and our history, which can show up as physical discomfort.  So whether it's an old or recurring injury "speaking" to you, or a recent sensation making itself known, hands-on work can bring relief.    

What we experience in the body translates out into the rest of our world, and vice versa.  When we practice and nurture body-awareness through being conscious about what we eat, how we move, and how we heal our body-mind-spirit, we make true healing and transformation possible.  

These are my passions and I'm honored to share them with you!  

À votre santé!