None of my work would be possible without these entities, for which I am continually thankful...

These fine organizations, of which I am a proud member:

The Interprofessional Community of Pasadena

California Massage Therapy Council

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals

And these premier higher learning institutions, of which I am a deeply appreciative student and graduate:

Chapman University, Orange, CA

Yoga Blend Yoga Studio 200 RYT Teacher Training, Burbank, CA

IPSB, Culver City, CA

Colorado School of Energy Studies, Boulder, CO

Trauma Resource Institute

Montrose, CA

The good doctors at Vital Head & Spinal Care in Pasadena listed Nourished by Hand in their post:  "17 Health Professionals to Watch in 2018".  Coming from them, this is seriously high praise and I am beyond honored.  Their gentle and highly effective work on the upper neck and spine has changed the lives of multitudes.  Run, don't walk, if upper cervical structural issues plague you.  (Whiplash, concussion, sports get the idea.)

A huge outpouring of thanks to those who publicly and oh-so-graciously mention my work...

Leigh Purtill Ballet wrote an excellent blog piece on the importance of bodywork for dancers and referenced moi!  Speaking of dancers... Haven't donned those slippers in a while?  Never got your ballerina/o on but always secretly wanted to?  Leigh is your woman!  Ballet FUN--for adults--like you've never experienced in your life.  Two words:  Zombie Ballet.  


Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I have many to thank and little clue as to how to even begin acknowledging you all...  

First, The Beloved...for Everything.  

My Beloved Man...for creating with me the space of conscious love, given and received, wholly and completely, from which I blossom to fullness. 

My parents, who've allowed me to follow my heart when pursuing my vocation(s!), and supported me in countless heartfelt ways.  My brothers who keep me down to earth with their sharp-witted and world-wise perceptions.  And my twin-soul sister, who makes me feel capable of all good and great things.  

I've had the blessing of incalculable synchronicities, most of which I certainly don't even realize.   Teachers whose support, encouragement, and generosity I never could have foreseen.  Strong and honest friendships, grounded, clear, and loving.  And the trust, willingness, and courage of every single soul I've ever worked with as well as those I have yet to meet.  Daily, I am humbled, awed, and grateful.  I love you all.

Wellness Works

I am delighted and honored to be the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist at Wellness Works in Glendale.  This non-profit organization offers holistic healing modalities to military veterans and their families in a safe and caring environment.   Their commitment to healing, inner peace, and inclusion deeply inspires me each time I'm there.  And the vets are some of the most courageous, dedicated, and big-hearted people I know.  What a blessing to have landed there with you all!