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Massage & Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy 

​Gentle yet profound personalized wellness

Honoring and Sacred Touch

If you have found your way to me, it's highly likely that something in you is seeking change and transformation.  Healing transformation is available when we are open and committed to it, and such work takes courage.  I acknowledge you and your desire to be on this path.  While each person's journey is their own, none of us can go it alone.  I am here to support you, see you, hear you, and remind you of your wholeness.  Together we'll create a safe space for you to re-member your essence. 

There is little else more therapeutic or more nurturing than touch.  Whether it be a basic circulatory massage or an intuitively guided craniosacral therapy session, the healing benefits of "deep listening" with hands can be profound and lasting.  

Some of the many benefits of these bodywork modalities are...
~ Physical ease and release in joints, fascia, and muscles
~ Deep mind and body relaxation
~ Lasting awareness of grounding and expansiveness
~ A greater sense of freedom and lightness in the spirit, mind, and body
~ A renewed mental and emotional state 
~ Energetic realignment and integration

Techniques and modalities I employ...

~ Circulatory massage (akin to Swedish massage)

~ Sensory Repatterning (a technique which helps the body remember its expansiveness through gentle undulations, rocking, and range-of-motion exploration).

~ Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, which is a very gentle and very effective hands-on modality that finds the health in the system and mirrors it, allowing the rest of the body-mind-spirit to naturally align with it.  It is non-pharmacological (not drug-based) and non-pathologizing (meaning it doesn't focus on what's "wrong" with you, which the body really appreciates...). 

See a brief video describing this profound work HERE.  

To truly know it, one must experience it directly, but here are some of the issues we can address with this work...:

Who can benefit from Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST)?  
BCST is particularly effective for people dealing with stress, trauma, anxiety and/or depression, and chronic pain.  It is excellent for prenates and their mothers, infants, children, teens, and adults.  Persons in any stage of illness or recovery will find benefit because it works to bring the inherent health of the system forward in a gentle yet profound way that is wholistic, safe, and honoring of the client.  

What does BCST successfully address?
Nervous system upset due to stress, trauma, anxiety, depression, and pain  
Physical and emotional effects of stress
Hyper- or hypo-arousal issues
Anxiety and depression
Loss and grief

PTSD/PTSI and related effects
Addiction issues
Attachment / bonding / relationship issues
Developmental trauma
Emotional trauma
Prenatal, birth, and early childhood traumas (can be addressed in infants as well as in adults--even if as an adult you don't know or remember what happened)
Pregnancy complications
Miscarriage effects (emotional, spiritual, and physical)
Chronic illness
Chronic pain
Sleep dysfunction
Brain fog, confusion, listlessness
TMJ issues

Physical strains, imbalances, and injuries
Lingering effects from anesthesia or other drugs
Lingering effects of surgeries, accidents, dental/orthodontic work, and disabilities
Traumatic Brain Injury, concussion
Impingement of cranial or spinal nerves
Balance and inner-ear issues

Vagal tone and heart rate variability
Neurological conditions
Digestive issues
Inflammation--chronic and acute
Auto-immune issues
Ancestral influences and epigenetic issues
Support at the end of Earthly existence
Reframing unhelpful unconscious patterning and beliefs
Self-recognition and expansion
The capacity to be self-referenced and self-resourced with greater awareness of connection to the Whole
Inner freedom, spaciousness, calm, and well-being
And so much more...

BCST is excellent as a preventative therapy, reducing the need for major physical, emotional, or psychological interventions later.  It is also supremely effective as a complimentary therapy, enhancing the efficacy of conventional allopathic, as well as alternative, modalities and treatments.

And lastly...if you have tried just about everything with little or no success...this work may be the piece you've been missing.  The true gift of BCST is in how it recognizes and appreciates the human being on the table as already perfect and whole.  When any of us feel safe, seen, and honored, what arises is priceless:  relief in the deepest sense.  Seemingly miraculous shifts become possible.


Each session is tailored to suit your needs.  Please contact me to arrange a session, discuss rates, or address any questions you may have.